The Surf

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Morocco has year-round Atlantic swell, meaning that the majority of the time there is always somewhere to surf. The local coastline offers a mixture of point breaks, reef and sheltered beach breaks. There really is something for every level surfer, whether you are searching for your first green wave or your first barrel.

During the summer months (April - September) you will find small-medium swell, perfect for beginners, long boarders and fun rides. The winter months (October - March) will provide you with some of your longest rides with swell up to 8ft+.

Season Guide

Jan-Feb March- April May-June July-Aug Sep-Oct Nov-Dec
Sunshine 20-23°c 24-26°c 26-28°c 30°c 28-29°c 22-25°c
Swell 6-8ft 5-7ft 3-4ft 2-3ft 5-7ft 6-8ft
Water Temp 17-18°c 18°c 20°c 22°c 21°c 18°c
Wetsuit 3/2 Full Suit 3/2 2/2 Full Suit Shorts/shorty Shorts/shorty Shorts/shorty 3/2 Full Suit